What is Zumba Dance? Zumba Dance to lose belly fat fastest and easy

What is Zumba Dance? Zumba Dance to lose belly fat fastest and easy

What is Zumba Dance?

Who is not familiar with Zumba? Zumba dance aerobics of origin of South America is a good way to be able to burn calories in a short time. An energetic style and music with fast tempo can help you move on and make the body leaner and fitter.

Gymnastics with the background music of the dance is lively and the more attractive later people from various walks of life, age and gender. A sense of tired or fatigued because Zumba is not felt. The rhythm of the song edgy and not monotonous movements make zumba is very exciting to do. Coupled with the cry that goes out on some special movements such as punching upwards movement and applaud make zumba becomes more exciting and fun.

Zumba favored the women due to effective burn 10 calories per minute, more than similar sports such as aerobics. Zumba also memperkiat movements of the muscles of the core or core body muscle, so nice to flatten the stomach.
Men who just want to form the muscle mass, can ignore this sport. But for those who want to improve fitness, zumba is the perfect choice. Not only are more fit, people who regularly do zumba will experience improved performance in terms of mobility and muscle coordination.

Movement of zumba is able to burn fat and nourish the heart, and can improve balance and flexibility. When a person doing zumba, calorie burning occurs more it is characterized more abundance of sweat expended. In an hour of zumba movements, about 1,000 calories will be burned. This exercise is certainly better if compared to other sports such as jogging which burns 650 calories, aerobic exercisers burn 600 calories and cycling burn 700 calories.

World Record for Zumba

The world record for zumba group ever contested. This time the world record for zumba held by citizens of a city in the Philippines. This record-breaking effort itself has just done on Sunday July 19, 2015, precisely in Mandaluyong, East of Manila.

The event was deliberately organized by the local Government to commemorate the birthday of their mayor, Benhur Abalos. Incidentally the mayor had just received the United Nations Public Service Award thanks to innovation in launching health program that encourages its people to adapt a healthier lifestyle.

Unmitigated, the event followed by 12,975 participants. All of them wore yellow shirts, and fills the streets Mandaluyong in the days of its implementation. For this record-breaking, the local Government also involves a licensed zumba instructor from 84 Philippine Zumba participants to guide the Network.

As quoted from ABC News, Wednesday July 29, 2015, before the record-breaking, organizers revealed all participants and instructors practicing together for two months. Not in vain, on the day they were rewarded with an award as the holder of the Guinness World Record for world’s largest zumba class.

The award was handed over by representatives of Guinness, Alan Pixley to the Mayor, Abalos. “This is not just another record-breaking effort, but shows the importance of a holistic approach to getting a healthier lifestyle. So it is not enough just by eating healthy, because you have to work out on a regular basis, too, “said Abalos.

According to data from the Guinness world record for the largest zumba class was first written on January 1, 2011 in Greather Wichita YMCA, Wichita, Kansas. The time participants reached 638 people. And the current record at the same time indicating that the record has been successfully solved for the 10th time.

Not just this once the Philippines incised achievement as the organizer of the world’s largest zumba class. Last year, precisely in October 2014, as many as 8,000 people in Cebu City also managed to break the record.

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