The Complete Information about Hand and Stone Ahwatukee

The Complete Information about Hand and Stone Ahwatukee

hand and stone AhwatukeeGetting the fresher body will be liked by everyone especially after their busy time. Just imagine that after a week nonstop physical activity you then get the best way for making sure that on Monday your body will be as fresh as your first day working. It can be guaranteed too that you will get the best result of your work when you have that.

The point is do you know the exact place where you may get that? If you do not know, the place can be hand and stone Ahwatukee.

The next question is where is hand and stone Ahwatukee location? It is relatively easy to be found. You even may use your android phone for getting its exact location by using GPS. There is also the simple direction you may gain from the most popular search engine today. However, for you who want to get the information now, it may be said that the place of hand and stone Ahwatukee is in East Ray Road, Phoenix. The place is a luxury place for getting massage and spa. Two things you will need for getting the fresher body today.

Variations of the Service may be gained

The variations of the service offered by hand and stone Ahwatukee has the different payment too. The first one to be mentioned here is the massaging. To get this service in an hour, you need to pay $ 49. The next one is the facial service. In an hour of facial you must pay the same with the earlier one. Then, there is also the type of hot stone massage service. For an hour of this one you must pay $ 69. The payment is the standard one in general.

There are some additional enhancement that is not included into the payment mentioned before. That includes the aromatherapy in hand and stone Ahwatukee. You must pay $ 10 for it. Then, if you need the hot towel foot massage, you must pay $ 20 for it. The last one to be mentioned too here is the peppermint scalp massage. To get this last service you must pay $ 15.

Becoming the Member of the Place

There is actually the other way for getting easier process of getting the service in hand and stone Ahwatukee. That is done by joining in the hand and stone Ahwatukee membership. To be a member, you need to pay $ 179 for three months. By becoming the member, you have some special rights not only relating to the service but also because you do not need to pay the service any more since that has been included into the payment.

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