Reflexology Definition – Reflexology Foot Massage Benefits

Reflexology Definition – Reflexology Foot Massage Benefits

reflexologyReflexology is a therapy that is done by massaging the nerve points on the soles of the feet and beyond. The point of the nervous initerhubung to all the organs of the body. Nerves on the right foot-related body parts right on a nerve on my left leg is associated with body parts left.

One way to maintain the health of the body is to press a point of reflection on the feet which aims to stimulate the nerves associated with certain organ so that it can function optimally.

Characteristics of an organ are having problems or interference is when the nerve point pressed with fingers or tools will be painful. Massage of the feet will be better off with using socks or lotion so that the foot does not blister when massaged. Generally the effects of reflexology is felt after a massage. The agency feels fresher and healthier. This effect was very pronounced when waking from sleep. However, the effects of reflexology is different in each person.

But we also can benefit from reflexology walking barefoot every day at the Rocky gravel blunt. Get the “Double effect”, two benefits simultaneously by taking the time of 10 ~ 15 minutes to walk barefoot on a daily basis. Walk is the sport most easy and cheap thing to do but it has amazing benefits if done on a regular basis.

So with regular sporting walking barefoot, automatically point of reflection on the foot got pressure (massage). It was very good for the health of the entire body. Even better if done in means of foot reflexology provided Governments such as those in city parks.

The general benefits of reflexology therapy

  • launch of blood circulation in the whole body
  • maintaining health to stay primed
  • helps reduce pain and fatigue
  • launched the production of the hormone endorphins that serves for relaxing the body
  • reduce the burden brought about due to stress
  • the power and flexibility of mind, body and emotions can be improved
  • nourish and balance the work of the organs of the body
  • get rid of the toxin or toxins
  • bed could be more qualified
  • Restructurisation bones, muscles and organs can be aided

So a little explanation about the benefits of reflexology foot massage. Hopefully can provide benefits on all readers. Thank You

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