Dr Lee Plastic Surgeon: Humble and Responsive Services

Dr Lee Plastic Surgeon: Humble and Responsive Services

Dr Lee Plastic SurgeonDo you want to have a plastic surgery with friendly treatment and awesome result? Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon is a great solution. This surgeon is a beautiful doctor with humble service. She will serve those who live in El Paso, Texas. Just visit her place

El Paso Plastic Surgeon at 3270 Joe Battle, #360 El Paso, Texas 79938. This place is designed for patients’ privacy and comfort. It brings you homy feeling. You can also call her on her phone line (915) 493-2943.

Dr. Lee’s Services

Dr. Anh Lee Plastic Surgeon offers you special services such as free consultation and Cellfina Cellulite Treatment. She also gives 20% discount off for all cosmetic surgeries. It means, you can have your aesthetic problems fixed in such a reasonable price. She has good manner, professional staff and courtesy, and good payment process. Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon also will answer every patient’s question and complaint in such a friendly manner. Every patient can have an after care follow-up. So, the patients can maintain their treatment. The email and phone are always answered as soon as possible. Dr. Lee will never let her patients disappointed.

Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon usually handles cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries. She always offers reconstructive and cosmetic procedures in a full range. She can perform breast reconstruction in advanced level to the most recent facial rejuvenation treatments. Besides her awesome skill, having surgery with Dr. Anh Lee will not be disappointing as the staffs are all professional, the Medical Aesthetician. The skin treatments are at the best rate so you can have an awesome look.

Patients’ Reviews

Patients are satisfied and happy for the services of Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon. A patient states that she has such a good skill in breast augmentation. A 40 years old patient who undergoes a bariatric surgery is also satisfied with her skill. A patient is also satisfied as Dr. Anh Lee Plastic Surgeon performs lipo suction, tummy tuck and breast fat transfer with friendly bedside manner. Dr. Lee also responds her patients’ concerns and question anytime. The follow-up after surgery is also welcoming that pleases her patients.

Finally, Dr. Lee Plastic Surgeon is one of the best surgeons you can find if you live in El Paso, Texas. She offers friendly services in her homey and comfortable office. Her skills in performing plastic surgery for aesthetic and cosmetic purposes are amazing. She has ever performed breast reconstruction, lipo suction, breast fat transfer, tummy tuck, and other aesthetic plastic surgery. She also welcomes every question and concern of her patients.

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